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Daft Punk, Beck

Minecraft_Skins_Pro_-_Skins_by_dviggles 2 Minecraft_Skins_Pro_-_Skins_by_dviggles

Daft Punk, Beck
by Domenico

Just Do It

I had the honor of playing Just Dance 2 with Bella today. As I was moving and shaking to the mostly terrible pop songs it dawned on me that┬áI have much weight to dance off. Some of the excess can be attributed to holiday consumption, most however can be blamed on a mix of overindulgence and lack of exercise. ┬áRather than formulate an elaborate plan for losing weight I’m going to take a simpler approach in which I am present, mindful and moving.

Feb 20 2014 Update: Added cover art to make this post even more embarrassing.