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This Is How We Rolled

rolling out

Let’s Build Software Together

8/14/15 Update: You missed your chance 😉 I am now working at Evans & Chambers. Be sure to check ’em out at

After a good run with a great team (who recently lost a big contract) I am looking for work. If you want to build software with a friendly, focused software engineer then I am your guy. Feel free to check out my resume and my LinkedIn profile.

^ I am the guy on the right.

Fall Update

Lego Engineering Club

Domenico is one of the over seventy-five children that participates in the Lego Engineering Club at his school. His team is tasked with building a robot to solve various problems and navigate a course. I am one of the volunteer parents…which gives me an excuse to play with the Lego Mindstorm EV-3 Kits.

Puerto Rico

Domenico and I spent four days in Puerto Rico last month. We split our time between the El Conquistador Resort and driving around the eastern part of the island in search of amazing local food and cuban wedding shirts.

Watermelon Park Fest

For the seventh year in a row Domenico and I attended Watermelon Park Fest. We enjoyed several days of spending time with friends, listening to music and making music.

Khans of Tarkir

Domenico and I attended a Khans of Tarkir prerelease event at Beyond Comics. We were both 1-2 headed into the last round. When pairings for the final round were announced we learned that we were to face off against each other! Domenico ended up winning and we both went home with a bunch of cards from the new set. This week I will be spending some time play testing my new Standard decks. Deck lists as always are at

Cooking Up A Storm

Now that the awful, humid weather has gone away (good riddance) I am back to cooking up a storm. Domenico is learning how to use a kitchen knife and is an eager sous chef.

Fourth Grade


Game Two

The Trollbloods failed to defeat their opponents in game two. I neglected to use “Scroll of Grindar’s Perseverance”, which would have bought me another round on the battlefield. Oops!



A Father’s Day Meditation

I used to scoff at “Hallmark Holidays” like Father’s Day..but that was then and this is now. The years have transformed me into a sentimental middle-aged goofball who is becoming increasingly aware of both the how temporary this life is and how important it is to savor every moment. With Father’s Day upon us I want to take a moment to reflect on two people that help to guide me as I walk the path.

The first is my father, who has been gone for many years. His love, his ability to look within and improve his life and his artist’s heart are all qualities that I work to cultivate in my life.

The second is my son, whose mere presence gives me the gift of purpose. He is the funniest, smartest, most dynamic 9-year-old that I have ever known. His hunger to learn, his joyous presence and his hilarious and fun energy are all qualities I work to cultivate in my life. I won’t be celebrating Father’s Day with my son this year as he is in Australia with his mother.

I miss my father and my son dearly every day. With an open mind and a gentle heart I pause to reflect on these two amazing people. Memories come rushing into my mind. I take a moment to savor each memory. I allow these same thoughts to leave when it is time…making effort to avoid both pushing the thought away and clinging to it (’cause that’s how we Buddhists roll).

Happy Father’s Day to you all.  If you can, visit your father today. If you cannot, visit the memories. The same goes for the dads out there…snuggle your children if they are close, and if they are far away visit the memories, call ’em on Skype and tell them that you love them.

Hanging out with my father in my grandparent’s living room…80’s style…rocking the Indiana Jones shirt and playing a Nintendo Game + Watch.

Here he is playing a few songs. Listen with headphones to hear the bass properly.  I’m digging that top hat


Domenico and I during one of our many Skype chats.  Sometimes we play Magic: The Gathering…sometimes he wins 😉

Dinner and Magic Deck Review

Trollbloods Battlegroup

After 41 years of being a geek I finally painted some miniatures. I’m happy with how they turned out.






Don’t Be That Guy

Hey fellow party goer…I see that you are having a good time at this party that we are both at…let me take you away from enjoying this party so you can watch something on my smartphone…I call it my “tiny television”…the video is five minutes long…the volume is inadequate for you to hear the audio.

Take A Hike

After a winter of excuses I am finally out and moving around. I had the pleasure of hiking the C&O Canal Towpath Trail with Bella today.



I Just Solved Brunswick’s Grocery Problem

I am one of the roughly 6,000 folks that lives in the small town of Brunswick, Maryland. I can see the Potomac River and hear the purr of the diesel locomotives from my front porch. The C&O Canal Towpath Trail is a mile from my house. The people here are friendly and creative and interesting. I love being a part of this community.

A while ago our local grocery store Super Fresh announced that it would be closing it’s Brunswick location. The Brunswick store was acquired by Natural Markets Food Group and the store was re-branded as Fresh & Green’s. The new owners promised to improve the store. After a short time history repeated itself as it sometimes does. Natural Markets Food Group announced that it would be closing it’s Brunswick location. This time there was no buyer. Fresh & Green’s closed, a dozen or so folks lost their jobs and Brunswick was without a grocery store. Like the rest of Brunswick, I am now driving 20+ minutes to Frederick (or elsewhere) to get my groceries.

I set out to do what any red-blooded 21st century American would do in this situation…complain about it on Facebook. As it turns out Facebook is the perfect venue for complaining about stuff. I soon discovered that I wasn’t the only one complaining. The (lack of a) grocery store in Brunswick became the topic of the year over at the Brunswick MD Facebook Group. Ideas were shared. Folks argued over which grocery store was the best fit for Brunswick. Folks criticized and mocked each other’s choices and ideas. At one point I even took to mocking the people that were mocking people.

Well as it turns out complaining about stuff and talking smack does absolutely nothing to solve a problem.

Meanwhile across the Potomac River in Lovettsville something interesting is happening. Some folks in our sister community started the Lovettsville Cooperative Market. I resisted joining for a few reasons. For one, they didn’t have a store yet. The second reason was…well, it cost money.

As the months, the drives to Frederick for groceries and the Facebook hate-a-thon dragged on I couldn’t shake the feeling that if I could channel this energy in the right direction then I could actually contribute to solving the problem. Sure, the co-op was a dream…but if enough people dreamed together then it would actually happen. So I changed my mind. I am now a member of the Lovettsville Cooperative Market.

If you want to continue complaining please do so on Facebook and in the comments section below. If you are interested in solving Brunswick’s grocery problem and investing in our community then click here to learn more.