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Oats Are Groats


“oats are groats and groats are oats…they’re the same
oats and groats they float your boats…down the drain
an ode to oats with notes of groats…don’t complain”


Mah Epiphone

Say hello to my little friend. I picked up this Epiphone four-string banjo from the fine folk at Shamrock Music Shoppe. I’m currently teaching myself how to play “Cripple Creek”, “Old Joe Clark” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.

11th Street Jam – Funky Litterbox Remix

11th Street Jam – Funky Litterbox Remix
Software Used: Propellerhead Reason

Rain Face Ha-Ha

In an effort to provide quality entertainment for the underserved market of folks that are clamoring for 51 second instrumental jams in odd-numbered time signatures…

Rain Face Ha-Ha
Recipe: Propellerhead Reason + 15 minutes of free time