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Install Chromium On Raspberry Pi 3

There a bunch of different suggestions for how to get the Chromium browser to work on my fancy new Raspberry Pi 3 computer. This one worked for me 🙂

Happy Christmas




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Lego Robot Rock

Domenico and his Engineering Club team-mates are building a Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robot. This particular build can move, detect color and open doors.

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Dirt-Simple Overlay

Does your system get all whim-wham when your users get all clicky? Have you inherited a system that gets all whim-wham when your users get all clicky? Hold those extra clicks at bay with this dirt-simple overlay (just add JQuery).

Oats Are Groats


“oats are groats and groats are oats…they’re the same
oats and groats they float your boats…down the drain
an ode to oats with notes of groats…don’t complain”


Mah Epiphone

Say hello to my little friend. I picked up this Epiphone four-string banjo from the fine folk at Shamrock Music Shoppe. I’m currently teaching myself how to play “Cripple Creek”, “Old Joe Clark” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.

Hello Backbone.js

I am wrapping up a project in which I created a custom model-view-presenter solution that was tied to a ColdBox controller and model. As much fun as I had reinventing the wheel I plan working with an established Javascript framework in the future. I am in the process of evaluating Backbone.js in my free time. Here is a simple Hello World thing that I whipped up…


Note that I was using this tutorial. Be warned, it has more than a few syntax errors. Those looking for a more comprehensive tutorial should check out “Up and Running with Backbone.js“.



I’m working my way through some great iOS training at the moment (more on that in a future post). I’ve been at it for several hours now…perhaps it’s time to take a break and play some Magic: The Gathering.

What Do You Call A Trap With No Five Cent Pieces In It?

A Nickle-less Cage

My son and I created this horrible, horrible pun using Yakit Kids for iPhone, etc.