Checking In

A Brief Update

Hi there! It’s been a few months since I’ve shared anything here. The single biggest piece of news on the personal front is that my son has returned from Australia and is now back home with me. To say that I am overjoyed would be an understatement. Since he’s been back we’ve played a ton of games, spent a week at the beach and spent time with friends and family.

Goals Are Good


Here is a list of languages and technologies that I am either in the process of learning or plan to learn in the coming months. I’ve also included a second list of personal goals.


  • Apache Flex. Not the newest language on the block, but learning this language will allow me to support several existing systems at my place of work. Additionally, I have a soft spot in my heart for Flash that dates back to the Macromedia era.
  • iOS Languages (Objective-C, SpriteKit and Swift). Developing for a limited hardware set, for a large audience and with languages that have Model-View-Controller built in. That and I get to use Xcode.
  • Git. I’m still using Subversion, and it’s time to ‘git’ with the times.
  • Lego Mindstorms. My son is joining a robotics club at school, which means that I get to play with a Lego Mindstorms kit without shelling out the money!


  • Hike. The weather will be cooling off soon and I plan on getting outside hiking some of the amazing trails that Western Maryland has to offer.
  • Exercise. I’m not getting any younger and I’m not getting any thinner. Honestly I could care less about being thin or young, but I would like to be healthier.
  • Mental Health. The tragic death of Robin Williams was a reminder that mental health matters. Many (including yours truly) view asking for help as a sign of weakness. I’ve come around to realize that this is not the case. Asking for help, getting help, doing whatever one can do in an effort to be well, peaceful and happy is a sign of strength.
  • Connect. My relationships to the people closest to me are sacred. I wake up every morning and vow that I will nurture these connections.
  • Play Games. I’ve set aside video games for the most part in favor of board and card games. At present my son and I are playing lots and lots of Magic: The Gathering. I am also a fan of RPGs, and have been playing Mice & Mystics with Bella, Domenico and Lisa and am at present trying to wrap my head around the crunchy mechanics of Champions.
  • No Smoking. I haven’t had a cigarette in 5+ months. I like to have this on my list as a reminder of this accomplishment.