The Play Testers

After more than a bit of head-scratching, doodling, printing, thinking and lots of other stuff Morning Madness is at a point where it plays beautifully. This would not be possible without the play testers…friends and family who have played countless rounds of the game in it’s various states of incompleteness. Thanks be to the following folk…

Gary & Jenny Carpineta
Jonathan Cook (who also has a game in the works)
Lisa Cook
Everett & Louis Dean
Al, Grace and Moira Everett
Mandy Justice
Andrew Looney (The co-honcho over at Looney Labs and creator of Fluxx)
Jessica & Patrick Sharp
Antonette & Clément Vasseur
Domenico Vigliotti & Annabella Cook (Morning Madness expert-level play testers)
Anna-Marie, Chip, Rona and Nessa York (aka the The Steampunk Family)

  • Christopher Vigliotti

    If I neglected to mention anyone feel free to yell at me in the comments.