Changing Focus

After several years of offering photographic services I have decided to hang up my camera until further notice.   Additionally I am reclaiming this space for use as a personal blog. This includes sharing some of my work. I’m a software developer and happen to love what I do. I also happen to believe that sharing solutions to problems can help others who are facing the same problems.

Biographical Nomenclature

I live in Brunswick, Maryland, a wonderful community filled with artists, gamers and freaky folk of many different stripes. I have a son, who at times lives with me when he isn’t in Sydney Australia with his mother. I am a mild-mannered lead software developer by day. I enjoy making art, switching gears between illustration, photography and music as the mood hits me. I’ll be sharing some of my work on this site. I’m also spending some of my free time developing Morning Madness, a family-friendly card game.

Hire Doug

If you have come here in search of a wedding photographer then you should hire Doug Pettway. If you are smart and lucky enough to secure his services your images will be amazing.

May you be well, peaceful and happy!